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The time employees spend on repetitive tasks is

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It Services

The estimated time spent on low level tasks is


Why Us?

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We have many years of experience with developing and delivering business management applications to over 50+ projects in various countries.

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Our successful partnership with UiPath, for a robust platform and support with expediting deployment, means we can now provide automation solutions for your business to realize immediate cost, speed and accuracy benefits.

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Together with the right people and our latest industry recognized 3P methodologies, we will work with you to move quickly and easily to scale your business and your product vision.

Our Solutions

Our Automation Solutions help you eliminate the hassle of performing repetitive tasks and boost your productivity.

Any rule-based and knowledge-based tasks that form a large part of functions in human resources, finance and accounting, IT services and supply chain processes can be applied to our automation solution.

HR Services

Recruitment Automation

Data-driven Performance Review

Payroll Automation

HR Services
Our Solutions
HR Services

IT Services

Data Entry

Invoice Processing

System Queries / Extract Report

How We Do It?

01 Poc
Proof of Concept: A quick PoC on a selected process to validate the applicability of Automation
02 Pilot
Piloting of additional processes with a parallel set-up of governance & roll-out planning
03 Product
Product: the relevant business processes automated and handed over to you - the customer

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